Impact Investing

Committing capital to the underrepresented entrepreneur.

Only a fellow entrepreneur can deeply appreciate the hesitation, self-doubt, and isolation that a founder experiences when starting a business. Entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds face an even greater struggle given the vulnerability that diversity often presents. Westcove is committed to paying our successes forward by committing a portion of our firmwide revenue to individuals from underrepresented communities. We are creative in the structure of our capital and align with entrepreneurs whose organizations will benefit from our team’s mentorship and impactful guidance.

Team Members

We are proud of our efforts to rebalance the inequity facing Female, African American, LatinX, and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, and our team members are empowered to commit considerable time to help these organizations.

Community Impact

Our communities benefit from the success of the organizations we empower to enact change. This creates a positive feedback loop that promotes continued investment in future organizations.

Client Influence

Our clients appreciate that a portion of the fees Westcove earns are committed to the next generation of entrepreneurs and often get involved with these founders as a way to give back.

Professional Network

Our professional network enjoys serving as mentors to tomorrow’s innovators and having a true impact on the organizations they lead.

Westcove Impact Investments

Westcove Endowment Fund

Our team continuously engages with tomorrow’s top business leaders and seeks to align with the brightest individuals moving industries forward.

If you or your company is in need of flexible capital, please reach out to us at capital@westcove.com