Cultural Transformation 

Reinventing the team experience for better client outcomes.

Patience and good stewardship are the drivers behind our team’s success. We believe that the best transaction outcomes are achieved by establishing mutual trust and respect with our clients and we are guided by this principle internally. We are a team comprised of star talent coming from diverse backgrounds, and we cultivate a high performance and high empathy culture.

Westcove’s culture of respect, accomplishment, and empowerment allows the members of our team to consistently raise their individual bar of excellence, and create value for our clients. We believe deeply in the professional development of all team members, regardless of function. Our continuous investment in the personal and professional growth of our team members increases the impact they have on our firm and drives significant value for our clients.


Vice President


Managing Director



Vice President

Firm Values

Industry Experts

We are a team of specialized professionals who thrive in a high performance and high empathy environment.​

Career Investment

Our culture promotes continued professional development and encourages professionals to take calculated risks.

Partnership Model

Our team members drive our success and each are on a path towards ownership interest in our firm.

Promote Diversity

We attract and cultivate the next generation of diverse investment bankers through formalized mentorship programs.

If you have an interest in joining a firm that encourages team members to take calculated risks, promotes diverse ideas, and expects the highest quality advisory services, then please consider joining our team.​