Cardiology Physicians P.A. has partnered with an Undisclosed Investor

January 2024

Client: Founded in 1994, Cardiology Physicians P.A. is the largest cardiology provider in Newark and Wilmington, and one of the largest independent cardiology providers in the state of Delaware. The Company consists of 11 cardiologists and operates two state-of-the-art medical facilities. Cardiology Physicians P.A. also manages two of three cardiac PET/CT scanners in the state of Delaware while also being a leading global enroller in multiple clinical research trials. For more information, please visit www.cardiocppa.com.

“Westcove consistently demonstrated outstanding communication and responsiveness, swiftly addressing our concerns and keeping us informed throughout the process. The ability to lead complex negotiations, manage diverse stakeholders, and navigate the nuances of the transaction were truly remarkable and a reflection of their commitment to excellence.”

– Dr. Brian Sarter, Vice President, Cardiology Physicians P.A.

Role: Westcove Partners acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Cardiology Physicians P.A. in its partnership with an Undisclosed Investor.

Location: Newark, Delaware

Sector: Physician Services, Cardiology

Transaction Team

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